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Food & Beverage experience

One of the distinctive features of Merlata Bloom mall is the peculiar ability to overcome the standards that have been leading real estate development up to now. Merlata Bloom Milano is a totally new experience: the food & beverage areas are designed to be completely independent from the shopping area and guarantee visitors a smooth fruition of the mall

The food court is no longer a secondary service but a Destination. The intention is to reclaim the most genuine meaning of the word “refreshment” in its broadest sense, wellness: this will be the place to enjoy the real pleasure of a break, and go into bars and restaurants without having the feeling of being inside a shopping mall. A dining experience comparable to the one in the city centre in terms of authenticity, design and social pleasure. Not surprisingly, the inspiration comes from the city centre of Milan: this is where quality and creativity meet, in a setting with a unique and well recognizable design, where the pleasure of food and drinks is naturally related to social life. The Food & Beverage area of Merlata Bloom Milano develops along these three tracks.

The Food Court has 5 different areas, each one with its own DNA: different dining offers and designs to meet the needs of all customers, who will have the feeling of being on a real multi-sensory journey to discover fragrances, traditions and new flavours. The Food & Beverage areas were designed as spaces for socialization: welcoming and comfortable places devised to foster encounters, social interaction and sharing. Regardless if you are a pensioner, a student, a manager or a housewife.  

The food journey starts in the main square, named the Town Square because of its modern and lively atmosphere. Here you will find a wide casual Food & Beverage offer, and you’ll be able to meet your friends for a steaming cup of coffee. It’s the social heart of Merlata.

The second stop is the Market Place, where keywords are choice and variety: with 11 different food-corners and 1,200 seats, it’s the ideal place to enjoy your friends’ company and satisfy even the most refined tastes. Delicacies from every corner of the world will wait for you at any time of the day, every day. Anyone here can find their own place – there is something for everyone at the Market Place.

The third stop of the journey will bring you to the most experimental food zone. We are talking about The Bridge, an actual bridge that connects two buildings of the mall. The area is dedicated to contamination and previews, where emerging brands and new concepts can find their place and you will have the chance to live a culinary adventure and have a taste of unusual and unpredictable flavours.

The Winter Garden is the fourth stop, an unexpected green oasis framed by a bioclimatic greenhouse . The place is designed with the aim of «being together» and «feeling good». Just like in an urban area, here you will find different types of bars and restaurants. At the centre of the winter garden is the entrance of the cinema. The winter garden celebrates everything that is fantastic, both in terms of food and atmosphere.

The last stop of this tour will bring you back outside, in contact with nature, precisely on a terrace: we are in the Sky Garden, where you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning view of the entire expo area and the surrounding park. The terrace is an example of sustainable architecture with the coolest urban farm you have ever seen: an area of 20,000 sqm dedicated to vegetable cultivation and fruit plants. The perfect spot to drink a fresh juice - 100% produced at km 0 - and spend a pleasant evening with your friends.

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