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Organic architecture

Merlata Bloom Milano comes to life in north-west Milan, as part of the first smart urban district of the city, one of its most advanced mixed use areas. The new City is located in a 25-hectares park, crossed by 10 km of cycling and walking paths, a unique mix of residences, technology, business, trade and facilities

The project, developed by Callison Rtkl studio, extends over 70,000 sqm and is a tribute to sustainability and everyday life. The new buildings’ structures were designed to blend in with the surrounding environment and become its natural extension. Nature itself is the muse of the project, having inspired both the shape of the building and the choice of materials and interior decoration, thus helping to establish the project as a place of life: a lively centre always open to people and ideas. A centre where shops are certainly a distinctive skeleton, but not exclusively its soul. From these premises, Merlata Bloom Milano came to life in the Cascina Merlata district. A place to meet people and share experiences, to rethink free time and social interaction.

Nature is beauty and sustainability. The project follows the highest standards of modern urbanism, combining the most advanced technological tools to positively impact the territory by encouraging biodiversity and responsible consumption.

Under every aspect, Merlata Bloom Milano has put together innovative solutions, starting from the nature that ‘enters’ the mall from the Cascina Merlata Park. Inner gardens, terraces, urban gardens: natural elements are a sign of the healthy environment. Again, a special architectural structure with high-energy performance was designed for the main covering of the mall, which allows the building to take advantage of natural light and use it as the main lighting source. The choice of materials was crucial too, the large windows filtering the natural light and the widespread use of wood are just some of the measures taken to harmonise the buildings with the adjacent park.

The tireless search for a symbiosis between nature and architecture in the work of Callison RTKL studio finds expression in the proposal of the 20,000 sqm of Urban Farm: a new service for the city of Milan as part of a low-carbon development strategy that will offer tangible improvements for the quality of the environment from a climatic, energetic, economic and social point of view.

Winter Garden

The «Winter Garden» bioclimatic greenhouse is the pride of the entire structure, a passive solar system that ensures optimum comfort without technical equipment, creating a temperature-controlled environment – warm in winter and cool in summer. The structure, with energy efficient curtain walls, allows to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. This is fully consistent with the green soul of the project, highlighting the balance between the building and nature.

Merlata Bloom Milano will be a new concept of shopping centre within the urban fabric. An urban fabric made of streets, houses, and green areas. A shopping centre that aims to connect nearby communities. A centre that lies within a broader idea of city, interconnected and inclusive. Merlata Bloom Milano is the beating heart of the first smart urban district of Milan.

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