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Our journey began in the traditional former marketplace of Riyadh, Souk al-Zal, with an objective to source one of the rarest scent profiles on earth, Oud, which has been a staple in Middle Eastern perfumery for centuries. Our collection of luxury fragrances echoes back to our deep understanding of Oud since opening our doors in 1982. Today, the Arabian Oud fragrance house – headquartered in Saudi Arabia – is a global brand with over 1000 stores in many parts of the world, 400 distinctive products in its collection, spread over 35 countries. Our signature stores thrive in cities such as Paris, London, Dubai, Milano, Nice, New York and Kuala Lumpur. Arabian Oud has been ranked as the number one brand in the Middle East and Africa, and eleventh most profitable fragrance brand in the globe. It’s been awarded the Guinness World Record of ‘The largest luxury perfume company in the world’. Our vision is to provide unconventional high-end aromatics with intelligent design that is coalesced in deep heritage. It’s the fusion of tradition, history, and luxury that marks our philosophy. We source ethically our plant-based and laboratory-based ingredients, with a rigorous approach to research and development, to deliver the highest quality formulations. We draw inspiration from two timeless pillars: the natural world and the enigmatic Arabian heritage. Oud is the most expensive wood in the world and is key to the Arabian culture. Through our fragrances we bring a piece of that rich culture to everyone.

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