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Merlata Bloom Milano

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The place to be.
A newfound symbiosis
between architecture and nature

In Arexpo, north Milan, inside the most advanced mixed use area of the city Merlata Bloom Milano is born.

Merlata Bloom Milano has been designed to become the symbol of a life place, experience, interaction and daily conviviality.

The project is a tribute to environmental sustainability, according to the highest standards of new urbanism in terms of use of materials and energy sources.

The large windows that filter the natural light, the careful selection of materials and the organic design are just some of the measures that Jorge Beroiz, Callison RTKL Creative Director, has adopted to harmonize the buildings with the nature and the adjacent park. All this is the result of a computational study of the area and the climate, the aim of which is optimizing the energy generated by sun exposure. In order to reduce the phenomena of climate stress, a series of measures of sustainability were adopted from the design process onwards.

Jorge Beroiz, Creative Director CallisonRTKL

The development of Merlata's shape is the result of an in-depth study. The shape of the shopping mall is inspired by the properties and characteristics of a cactus plant: its thermoregulatory capabilities and resistance to atmospheric agents, such as direct sun exposure, humidity, and ventilation.

For the main covering of the Mall, a high performance architectural structure has been designed to take advantage of the natural light and use it as main lighting source. There is no risk of condensation during colder periods or overheating in the hottest periods.

The call of nature inspired the design and the choice of environments, and that is clearly recognizable from the street lamps, the widespread use of wood, the flooring, and the seats.

The planters are expression of the research of a strong connection with the environment. Designed to allow the tree roots to grow in depth into the ground below.

The highlight of the entire structure is definitely the Bioclimatic Greenhouse, «Winter Garden», a passive solar greenhouse system that ensures optimum comfort without equipment, thanks to a temperature-controlled environment that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

The building, featuring energy-efficient floor-to-ceiling windows, allows to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. This is fully consistent with the green soul of the project, highlighting the balance between the building and nature.

Jorge Beroiz's study, with his tireless quest for balance between nature and architecture, finds expression in this project of 20,000 sqm of Urban Farm.

The vertical farm is a new service for the city of Milan as it offers the possibility to access to a community garden, as well as providing significant improvements in the quality of the environment from a climatic, energetic, economic and social point of view.