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Merlata Bloom Milano


A path to common growth

We cultivate relationships with citizens, public and private actors from the surrounding neighbourhoods and the city of Milan to generate public value.

Lo studio di Jorge Beroiz e la sua instancabile ricerca della simbiosi tra natura e architettura trova espressione nella proposta che vedrà nascere 20.000 mq di Urban Farm.

La vertical farm rappresenta un nuovo servizio per la città di Milano che offrirà la possibilità di accedere a un orto condiviso oltre a tangibili miglioramenti della qualità dell’ambiente dal punto di vista climatico, energetico, economico e sociale.

To create a welcoming place for the people who live in and frequent it, it is essential to build the foundation of its social infrastructure.

Focus on the neighbourhoods
Cascina Merlata, Quarto Oggiaro, Gallaratese, on the MIND area and Rho and Pero.
3 Months
Of field interviews with residents and city users
+20 interviews
With public and private actors in the area

We have activated a path of listening to the territory and co-designing with its most relevant actors to implement initiatives and services that respond to community needs and desires.

Opening conversations with residents and city users allows for direct framing of the needs and wants of those who live in the area now and in the future.

Designing initiatives and services with the local area helps us strengthen the neighbourhood's relational networks while enabling us to promote local growth by making the most of the resources already present and compensating for their shortcomings.


Mitades has been active inGallaratese since 2009 with activities for children and parents to meet the social and educational needs of families, networking with other services and associations in the area.

"We are happy to have entered into a relationship with Nhood because we believe that Merlata BloomMilano can become a new meeting and fruition point for cultural initiatives open to families in the area, enriching the range of offerings that the territory proposes."

Erica Amprino, president of APS Mitades deals with parenting in all its contexts of growth

Go to Mitades website


"I've been living here since 2017 in the complexes that were built to house the Expo delegations, and the neighbourhood is evolving and growing.

When we arrived, even the bus stops were lacking. I chose this place because there is a good atmosphere between the residents and the issue of sustainability means very much to me.

Merlata Bloom will be an important building block for the growth of the neighbourhood, it will bring services that are now lacking!"

Nicola, President of ViviVillage Association established in October 2018 for the implementation of the collaborative living project of Social Village residents.

Go to the ViviVillage website

Fabrizio, future resident of Cascina Merlata

45 years old

I'm here with my family, we bought a home and we're just passing through to see the progress of the work, in the meantime we're taking advantage of it for a trip to the park. We should be moving in early next year.

We look forward to the opening ofMerlata Bloom so that we have more services at our fingertips; having such a centre at our fingertips is one of the reasons we chose this area.

Giulia, resident of the area

60 years old

I've been living here for a few years, I moved from downtown Milan, and I must say that having spent the lockdown period here, I felt so fortunate to have the park just outside my home.

I heard about the Merlata Bloom project, I'm glad it's not the usual shopping mall, I saw that there will be a cinema, bars and restaurants. For now, all these services are missing and those who live here have been waiting for them!

Anna, Gallaratese resident

50 years old

Gallaratese is a very quiet and very green place, since it is connected by subway, getting to downtown Milan is very easy.

Many people choose it for this very reason! There is a lack of gathering places in the neighbourhood both for young people and for people my age!
A centre like Bloom will definitely be a new reference for the area!

Federica, Gallaratese resident

30 years old

I bought a house in Merlata and will be moving at the beginning of the year, I wanted to stay in the area and was however looking for a quiet neighbourhood with lots of greenery.