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Merlata Bloom Milano

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Company Data
Merlata Sviluppo S.r.l.
Registered office:
Via Torino, 2
20123 -  Milano (MI)
Tax code/Reg. no. in Companies Register of Milan: 10825350969
Economic and Administrative Index (R.E.A.) no: Milan: 2559987
VAT no. 10825350969
Share capital Euro 10.000,00 entirely paid-up

Legal notes.
The Website www.merlatabloommilano.com is owned by Merlata Sviluppo S.r.l., hereinafter the “Company”. These Terms and Conditions of Use are applicable to any user who uses the services present on the Website.

The Company offers services and information to the public via the Website. Please therefore read the Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before entering the Website. The Company reserves the right to amend and/or remove any aspect of the Website, including, but not limited to, contents, timetables, availability and the technical means required to enter the same and use the services thereon. By using the Website, the User confirms that he/she agrees to comply with the User Terms and Conditions.

Access to the Website.
Access to the Website is free and requires no prior authorisation, subscription or registration. The Company is not liable for the quality or speed of access to the Website and the User cannot request any compensation from the same for any losses or damage related to these circumstances.
Additionally, it shall not be liable for any incorrect operations, damage, wear and tear, cancellation of data or software that may befall the User’s equipment or systems as a direct or indirect consequence of the latter entering or intending to enter the Website.

User’s Conduct
The User can only use the Website for legal purposes.

The Website contains registered material protected by copyright, brands and other information of which the ownership is reserved, including texts, photos, videos, software, graphics, music, sounds and other elements. The Company has the right to select, organise, coordinate and increase that content. The User can in no way exploit all or part of that content and can only download copyrighted material from Internet destined for their personal use. The reproduction, distribution, transmission, publication of copyrighted material performed using any means and/or the commercial use of the same are prohibited unless the Company and the copyright owner have expressly granted their authorisation. If such authorisation has been granted, the author’s name and the notes indicating the original brand and copyright owner cannot be modified or omitted.
The User acknowledges that it shall not acquire any rights of ownership for copyrighted material downloaded from the Website.

Registered brands.
Merlata Bloom Milano is a logo owned by Merlata Sviluppo S.r.l. All rights reserved. All the brands and logos that appear on the Website belong to their respective owners. The Company only authorises the reproduction of the information and images contained in its website for personal use.
The User, on his or her part, undertakes not to modify or alter the contents of the original material, and to only use the images accompanied by the original texts. This material cannot be used for any public or sales-related purposes without the Company’s specific written authorisation.

Changes to terms and conditions.
The Company reserves the right to change or amend the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, and to impose new and additional conditions.
Any such changes, amendments, cancellations and additions made shall be considered valid as soon as they have been notified.
They can be notified by posting a note on the Website.
From that moment on, should the User enter and use the Website, said access or use shall be interpreted as their full acceptance of any changes, amendments and additions to the same.

Other information.
These terms and conditions and all the rules regulating the use of the Website established by the Company constitute the agreement between the Parties regarding the matter discussed herein and supersede all previous written and verbal agreements that may have been established between the parties on this matter. This document shall be interpreted in accordance with the Italian laws, regardless of any conflicts with legal provisions in force in other countries in which the Users may be resident.
Any disputes related to and in any way connected with this Agreement shall be subject to the sole jurisdiction and competence of the Court of Milan, Italy.