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Merlata Bloom Milano


The place to be.

Merlata Bloom Milano has been designed to become the symbol of a life place, experience, interaction and daily conviviality.

A newfound symbiosis between architecture and nature

The project follows the highest standards of modern urban planning while respecting the environment and the surrounding landscape, a tribute to sustainability and biodiversity.

We strive to ensure that our assets are certified to the highest sustainability standards and increase their value overtime.

Merlata Bloom Milan will obtain BREEAM In Use and BREEAM New Construction certifications by 2022.

A natural inspiration

Jorge Beroiz, architect and creative director of CallisonRTKL, talks about the strong symbiosis between the project, nature and the community through the 3 leitmotifs that guided the design:

Opening: The project opens up to the surrounding space as a direct extension of the park, which embraces it and becomes an integral part of it with its terraces and sky garden.
Living material: more than 4,000 cubic metres of wood and a complex of living and environmentally sustainable materials, with a desire to respect nature and find a strong dialogue with it.

Connection and innovation: the retail route is designed to give visitors a unique reality, with unprecedented and experiential formats, in a complete blend of international companies and Milanese excellence.

Lo studio di Jorge Beroiz e la sua instancabile ricerca della simbiosi tra natura e architettura trova espressione nella proposta che vedrà nascere 20.000 mq di Urban Farm.

La vertical farm rappresenta un nuovo servizio per la città di Milano che offrirà la possibilità di accedere a un orto condiviso oltre a tangibili miglioramenti della qualità dell’ambiente dal punto di vista climatico, energetico, economico e sociale.

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